Meet the Makers


We are the dreamers who dared to make our dream come true, we are the doers…the Makers Of India! Here’s presenting the story of one of our makers- Mansukhbhai Prajapati!


#IBelieveInIM – Episode 1, SP Maini

We buy the best quality from the market and we supply the best in quality and service. 10 years back when we need a partner to match our ambition of glory and growth, we trusted in IndiaMart. I believe in IndiaMart.

SP Maini trust IndiaMart to match his ambitions of glory and growth. Do you have the story to tell?

SP Maini – Founder, Bandex Packaging Pvt. Ltd.


#IBelieveInIM – Episode 2, Lucky Kinger

When I started my business 5 years back, it builds on the foundation of quality, reliability and trust. Because of these values we have grown from 1 crore to 20 crores. For our partners I believe only those who are reliable.

Lucky Kinger scaled his business from 1 crore to 20 crores. Do you have the story to tell?

Lucky Kinger- Proprietor, Micro Electronics


#IBelieveInIM – Episode 3, Samir Arora

Foundation of the company relies on good quality, reliability. That happens because we believe in high principles and now we have moved on to even exporting to different parts of the world. As thanks to customer partners like IndiaMart.

Samir Arora has started exporting to different parts of the world. Do you have the story to tell?

Samir Arora Managing Director, Industrial Foams Pvt. Ltd.


#IBelieveInIM – Episode 4, Aparna Kulkarni

Neel Beverages is into manufacturing of ancient premixes. IndiaMart made us realise the importance of online marketing. IndiaMart representative help us create categories in IndiaMart. We IndiaMart we have started exporting to various countries like US, South Africa, UK, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi etc.

Aparna Kulkarni has started exporting to different countries. Do you have the story to tell?

Aparna Kulkarni Director, Neel Beverages Pvt. Ltd.


#IBelieveInIM – Episode 5, Ketan Rajput

We are into manufacturing cosmetics from last 32 years. We have in a marketing in our own way for the last around 3 to 5 years we are taking the help of IndiaMart. Growth is really exponential; sales figures have gone up from 5% to 25%. Credit goes to IndiaMart.

Glint Cosmetics’ sales have gone up from 5% to 25%. Do you have the story to tell?

Ketan Rajput Director, Glint Cosmetics Pvt. Ltd.


#IBelieveInIM – Espisode 6, Rajesh Doshi

We are manufactures of electronic instruments since 1988. With IndiaMart we are getting almost 18 to 19 enquiries every week. The best part about business approaching us to through IndiaMart is that they trust us more because they get to see our profile, our information at a single place. We can say that IndiaMart is our wingman.

Rajesh Doshi gets 18 to 19 enquires every week through IndiaMart. Do you have a story to tell?

Rajesh Doshi Director, Ajinkya Electronics Systems Pvt. Ltd.


#IBelieveInIM – Episode 7, Ajay Pillai

My father started this business in 1992 and we went full fledge by 1998. We started our association with IndaMart around 2004 and it’s now over 10 years we are working with them. IndiaMart has been a very good partner through out a growth process. We have around 99% of our complete new business coming from IndiaMart and IndiaMart has helped us build our reputation with our customers and also has helped us connect with our customers globally. I don’t think is there any other platform other than IndiaMart which can give you such presence.

Almost 99% of Ajay Pillai’s new business comes through IndiaMart. Do you have the story to tell?

Ajay Pillai Director, AV Plastic Equipments Pvt. Ltd.


#IBelieveInIM – Episode 8, Rajesh Jadhav

Hexatech Instruments Pvt. Ltd. Company is into manufacturing of scientific and laboratory instruments. We have been associated with IndiaMart from last 2 years. We have started with the association with ‘Star Suppliers’ package and last year we received 60% of our business through IndiaMart. We believe that we will get more and more quality customers and our business will grow.

Last year Rajesh Jadhav received 60% of his business through IndiaMart. Do you have a story to tell?

Rajesh Jadhav Chairman & Managing Director, Hexatec Instruments Pvt. Ltd.


#IBelieveInIM – Episode 9, Tarak Bhagat

Mech Tex is a 50 years old group. Our USP is adapting to customers’ special requirements. More than 60% of our business is coming from exports into Europe and North America. We are associated with IndiaMart since 10 years and more than 50% of our domestic new business is coming from IndiaMart.

More than Tarak Bhagat’s domestic new business comes from IndiaMart. Do you have the story to tell?

Tarak Bhagat Director, Motion Drivetronics Pvt. Ltd.