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Campus Ambassador Program

Campus Ambassador Program

Would you want to be a part of India’s growth story? A story of innovation and creation. A story that shows small is powerful, small has opportunity, small is the new big. Small and Medium Enterprises are the backbone of Indian economy. Contributing to around 22% of the […]

From the Director’s Desk

“Adoption of technology among MSMEs is rising and will grow as benefits are realized” —Dinesh Gulati, Director, IndiaMart   How are Indian SMEs different and similar from others across the globe A key difference lies in the way SMEs are defined in India. Most of the major economies […]

CEO Speaks

“To celebrate, stimulate and cultivate the spirit of entrepreneurship is our motto” —Dinesh Agarwal, Founder and CEO, IndiaMart   What is the Makers of India campaign about? IndiaMart has launched the Makers of India campaign to celebrate, stimulate and further cultivate the spirit of micro, small and medium […]

Makers Day Celebration

IndiaMART completes 20 outstanding years of leadership on 1st April. We’ve grown by leaps and bounds in these 20 years.We dedicate this day to all those who contribute to making India Grow . They are the ones who Make India – The manufacturers & service providers!  

About Makers Day

Maker’s Day! Because we celebrate the spirit of Indian entrepreneurship The new India is a land of world-leading GDP growth, rising market possibilities and experiential customers. India is also a land where tens of millions of entrepreneurs dream of catering to the needs of over a billion potential […]

Small is the New Big

Small business can help unlock a fuller potential of Indian economy A closer connect with the local environment, low overheads and faster decision making enable the MSMEs to be more responsive and resilient in the wake of changes At a time when sustainable development of the economy is […]

Start-ups are not just digital

Look, these start-ups managed to keep heads over shoulders! Rather than falling for the easy lure of me-too digital models, these 10 enterprises took to breaking new grounds and even solving some unsaid problems These are the days of digital unicorns, when VC money is flowing in freely […]

A guidebook for SME

Section 1: How to do business What makes you win as an entrepreneur Keeping your feet firmly on the ground and head on the shoulders even as your eyes see sky as the limit Let’s face it: these days, launching a start-up is considered cool, starting a micro […]