The Makers of India

An initiative kick-started by IndiaMART to facilitate the growth of the small and medium scale business sector in the country, The Makers of India platform is a convergence of businesses and ideas.

Our Mission:

Few things can lift a nation and send its spirit soaring like a proud moment when an innovator a manufacturer creates something that the word values. When names like Karsanbhai Patel (NIRMA), PC Mustafa (ID Fresh), Kailash Katkar (Quick Heal), and others are taken on international forms, we get swamped by emotions of pride.

It is much to the determination and passion of entrepreneurs like this, that the Govt. is claiming and promoting the Make in India initiative. Their hard work and zeal to produce the best possible makes India’s manufacturing sector the pivotal sector for growth.

But in the making of every manufacturer, there’s an untold story of passion, toil and sacrifice. In a billion plus country that’s still located somewhere between prosperity and paucity, between yesterday and tomorrow, the story of many manufacturers is also about fighting poverty and social prejudice. The backstory of an international face of business who supplies Mitti Coolers to the entire world could be of a teenager waking up every morning, summer or winter, walking five miles to a lonely railway station and taking the sub-urban train to find ways to make his dream come true. It could be of a mother saving every rupee from a father’s prying eyes so that her daughter could buy a pair of tools she badly needs to create the best machinery to stitch world-class ethnic clothes. Despite such odds, these men have struggled their way through to realize their dreams and make India what it is today with their innovations in the space of manufacturing and business.

IndiaMART has been a pioneer to lift thee businesses in terms of growth and technological innovations. In a 20 year-old journey, we have been delighted and privileged to provide our customers with a ringside view of the online business world.

And yet, one must admit that as a nation we haven’t given these small business personals their due. The truth is that sometimes we have even neglected them and celebrated the glory of only the Tata, Birla and Ambanis.

In all humility, The Makers of India initiative by IndiaMART to celebrate the contribution of small businesses towards the advancement of the country. This initiative is our endeavor to honor the past, celebrate the present and nurture the future in Indian Manufacturing industry.

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