Makers Day

Campus Ambassador Program

Campus Ambassador Program

Would you want to be a part of India’s growth story? A story of innovation and creation. A story that shows small is powerful, small has opportunity, small is the new big. Small and Medium Enterprises are the backbone of Indian economy. Contributing to around 22% of the country’s GDP, these SMEs are the real ‘Makers of India’.

Since the inception of IndiaMART in 1996, it has been our mission to ‘make doing business easy’. This mission got accelerated on the back some of the recent government initiatives like Digital India, Make in India, Startup India and Skill India. Businesses which started small have scaled with IndiaMART. Businesses which were already big have found new markets. And today with around 5Mn businesses already listed on the platform, IndiaMART supports more than 50% of the total internet addressable SMEs in India. And hence, although we have been able to drive digital transformation for a large number of businesses yet there is an equal number which has to be addressed.

With so much happening in the digital space for entrepreneurs, it’s imperative to bring you, the student community, onboard. The students of today will be running and heading the businesses of tomorrow. The sooner you get familiar with the business landscape of the country, the more value you can add to building this ecosystem.

To this end, IndiaMART invites the student community to be a part of this growth story. ‘Makers of India’ provides students the perfect platform to leverage their understanding of the digital space and contribute towards the empowerment of businesses who have not yet realized the potential of technology.

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