5 #MakersOfIndia Who Went From Rags To Riches

India, a vast land of cultural diversity, prosperity and resources has seen the brightest light of the day lately, growing unstoppably. The initiative of targeting the manufacturing hubs of India has led an indirect boost up on the growth of Indian economy. A single skill can have a larger impact in the country and this has been proven by many unheard personalities who have kept a low-profile behind the screen and who can be honored as the real makers of India.

Here are 5 of the most spectacular stories of people who left no stones unturned, struggling the odd phase of life to make India a better place, to live in and ignite the reason to be proud of.

1. Karsanbhai Patel – Founder of Nirma Group


Synonymous to detergent powder, Nirma is the brainchild of Karsanbhai Patel, a company worth over 7000 crores and has also leveraged employment for over 18000 people. Nirma Group is now, the world’s seventh-largest soda-ash maker.

Karsanbhai Patel hailed from a family of farmers, the backbone of India’s prime economy. In 1969, he worked as a chemist and produced phosphate-free detergent at his home and sold it to the neighborhood that he made at Rs. 3 per kg. Later, he launched his brand called Nirma, named after his daughter Nirupama. Karsanbhai Patel is one of the gems of India who solved the daily household issue of being neat and in a true sense, shaped the foundation of India.

2. Sachin Bansal – CEO of Flipkart


One name that comes to e-commerce major and favorites to internet shopaholics is Flipkart, with a business turnover of 2000 crores in a span of ten years.

Zero is the initial point to start with and Sachin Bansal followed this instinct in 2007. He started the business alongside his friend Binny Bansal in a small house at Bangalore and they started off delivering books to the customers themselves on their scooters. Since then, they never looked back and filled their business cart with a new approach called Flipkart. They carved a niche in the entrepreneurial market and stamped an inspirational trademark for aspirational Indian entrepreneurs. Sachin Bansal is the personification of ‘never give up’ who has taught India to stand on its own feet and hence, he is a maker of India.

3. Jyothi Reddy – CEO of Key Software Solutions

Jyothi Reddy

Key Software Solutions is a U.S based IT company, with a worth of $15 million.

Before reaching the success ladder, Anila Jyothi Reddy, the founder of Key Software Solutions who hailed from a small village, had faced poverty, forced orphan, early marriage and had been a farm laborer in her early days. As she settled in the United States, the germ of starting a business rooted in her mind and in 2011, she opened an office at Phoenix serving as a consultation company and since then, she never looked back. Her own practical experiences of life urged her to help people in need whenever she visited India. The hardship of her early life in her rural homeland taught her the value of life and hence, she conquered it all, becoming an epitome of a true maker of India.

4. Ramesh Babu – Barber who owns Rolls Royce


Ramesh Babu’s story lets us believe that fairy tales comes true. Ramesh Babu, a barber in early life by fate is a one-man army who became a millionaire with his car rental service.

Ramesh’s father was a barber and after his death, Ramesh took on the occupation to support his poor family. He bought a Maruti Van with his meager savings in 1994. By 2004, he had a car rental business with seven regular cars. In 2004, Ramesh Babu became the first person in Bangalore to invest in a brand new luxury car and by luck, it paid off, and in no time he managed to own a fleet of 200 cars, all imported, including his ultimate pride – Rolls Royce. Rising from the dust of hairs at a saloon, he proved to be a cutting edge businessman in the urban Indian diaspora. The story of makers of India becomes much appealing to listen with the inclusion of Ramesh Babu’s plot.

5. Kailash Katkar – Founder of Quick Heal Technologies


One of the gems of antivirus software business, Kailash Katkar made it to Rs. 187 Crore with his company, Quick Heal Technologies. Today, the company has 23 offices in India, employing over 610 people and presence in nearly 50 countries across the globe.

Looking back in 1985, Kailash Katkar took up a job at a local radio and calculator shop to support his family. Some time later, his brother, Sanjay, wrote an anti-virus software which they called Quick Heal. Kailash sold the same to vendors in the least price of Rs. 700 and soon the software became a forest-fire and reached sky-limit, hitting the overseas market as well. Kailash has shaped the IT market of India and ignited the opportunities of employment in both- homeland and abroad. He has shaped the future of people, and thus, Kailash becomes a godfather to many Indians and can be designated as a maker of India.

They never gave up hope, breached impossibility and emerged as life-size characters becoming inspirations to a manifold of young businessmen and entrepreneurs of today.

India is a dreamland which produced masterminds and their unparalleled effort fuelled the achievements of India, apt to be boasted. But as Frost quoted, “…miles to go before I sleep”; the journey doesn’t stop here. India has to move quickly to ease barriers to facilitate market access and encourage foreign investments to yield sky-limit progression and hence, produce more #MakersOfIndia.

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