Makers Day

About Makers Day

Maker’s Day! Because we celebrate the spirit of Indian entrepreneurship

The new India is a land of world-leading GDP growth, rising market possibilities and experiential customers. India is also a land where tens of millions of entrepreneurs dream of catering to the needs of over a billion potential customers.

To make it big is a natural aspiration of any entrepreneur, no matter how small he or she starts. After all, so many of their role models—be it a Kishor Biyani, Narayana Murthi, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, V.G Siddhartha or Shiv Nadar—started off modestly and worked consistently to build world-class enterprises.

IndiaMart salutes all those aspiring entrepreneurs—micro, small or medium—and pledges unwavering support to help them realize their dreams better, faster and smoother. Whether you are a corner-shop owner or a machine manufacturer with a multi-crore turnover, IndiaMart is here to help you dream bigger.

We also want to share with you that today (April 1) marks the 20th anniversary of IndiaMart’s Foundation Day. For all these 20 years, our efforts have been singularly driven with the objective of helping you succeed in your dreams.

And what better way than to dedicate this day to you—the Makers of India! So here we are—announcing April 1, which also is the first day of the financial year, as the MAKER’S DAY.

Yes! Now onwards, April 1 will always be called the Maker’s Day—a day on which we celebrate everything that enterprising Indians make, be it an earthen pot or the Mangalyana. Let’s celebrate the first ever Maker’s Day today!

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